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Cuticon 2004

Welcome Message

Dear colleagues,

Dermatology, like any other branch of medical sciences thrives on exchange of views and experiences, refreshing our knowledge in the subject and by being constantly in touch with the recent advances in the field. In this context, we are pleased to welcome you all to IJD Goldcon - the Golden Jubilee Celebration of IJD, and CUTICON 2005, the 9th State Conference of IADVL, WB State Branch on 26th and 27th November this year at Kolkata. The venue will be Agri-Horticutural Garden, Alipore.

CUTICON 2005 has been organized to have a glimpse of the ever-expanding horizon of our subject and to reach out for the challenging new frontiers in the specialty.

Beside providing you with food for thought and sumptuous gastronomic delights we will try our best to make the evening memorable with an enchanting cultural programme involving your family.

We extend our cordial invitation to you all to participate in IJD GoldCon and CUTICON 2005 to recharge the grey cells in the cerebrum, refresh your academic acumen, reunite with your friends and families and renew the bond of friendship.

Looking forward to meet you at the venue.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Arijit Coondoo
Organizing Committee
Dr. S.R. Sengupta
Scientific Committee
Dr. Sandipan Dhar,
Dr. Koushik Lahiri

Scientific Committee
Dr. Goutam Banerjee
Organizing Committee
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