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Instructions To Authors


Contributions should be sent to :
     Prof. Sujit Ranjan Sengupta
1E, Muchipara Road
Kolkata - 700041
E-mail : [email protected]
Phone : +91-33-2402-1230

All queries regarding "Instructions to Authors", "Status of manuscript" should be sent to editorial office by post or to [email protected]. Mention type of queries on the top.

Only manuscripts containing original material are accepted for consideration with the understanding that neither the article nor any part of it has been published or submitted for consideration elsewhere. A certificate to that effect signed by all the authors should be enclosed (see declaration). A transfer of copyright is implied from the author to the publisher upon acceptance and subsequent reproduction, in whole or in part, without the written consent of the publisher is not to be done (see declaration). Manuscripts once submitted will not be returned unless requested at the time of submission.

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Double blind controlled trial must conform to the revised CONSORT statement and this is available from editorial office or at the website http://www.consort-statement.org

The journal accepts contributions under the following sections: Editorial, CME article, Studies, Therapeutic trials, Case reports, Brief communications, Gems & Pearls, Correspondence, Book Reviews and Announcements. Authors may mention the section in which they like their articles to be published but editorial board reserves the sole right to decide which section is appropriate. Editorial board also deserves the full right to make all types of necessary correction to the manuscript.

Edited manuscript may be sent to the corresponding author for correction. Corrected manuscript should be returned within 15 days if sent by post or within 3 days if sent electronically. Delay will hamper the publication process. Major corrections leading to extensive changes in methods or results will not be accepted. Editors have the right to ask for full disclosure of the methods of patient selection, methods of study or on anything they think necessary and authors have the responsibility to give details upto satisfactory level for qualifying the manuscript to be published.

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Online submission :
Only "Letter to the Editor", without photographs, may be submitted directly via e-mail to
[email protected] or to [email protected]. For other sections online submission is not accepted but authors are advised to submit online an exact copy of their manuscript in the same format as in the hard copy to expedite the publication process.

Preparation of manuscript :
The full article must be typewritten double-spaced preferably electronic or laser print on one side of the paper (9" X 11") with wide margins and submitted in triplicate. The article should be in the following sections: Abstract, Introduction, Materials and methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgement and References. Case report MUST be accompanied by clinical photographs. Each section should start from a new page. Avoid repeating same lines in the manuscript.

The format should conform to that set forth in "Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals" (Ann Intern Med 1997; 126:36-47). Web site www.icmje.org

Authors must submit one newly formatted compact disc containing the same manuscript along with the hard copy. This should be compatible with Windows system and should preferably be in MS Word format. The disk and hard copy should match exactly. Excessive data should be compressed using ZIP format.

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Sections :
Title Page :

The first page should indicate the title, the authors' full names, highest academic degrees, affiliation and the department and institute where the work was conducted, full address (email address is a must) of the author to whom correspondence should be sent. Any grant support that requires acknowledgement should be mentioned on this page. Mention total numbers of pages.

Abstract :

Each article must be accompanied by an abstract, not exceeding 200 words, along with keyword(s). The abstract should indicate the purpose, procedure, result and conclusion of the study. For case reports abstract should be within 150 words. Abstract is not necessary for Editorial and CME articles. Give 2 to 4 key words for the purpose of indexing.

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Tables and Illustrations :

Tables and illustrations (numbered in Arabic numerals) should be prepared on separate sheets. Tables require a heading and illustrations a legend. Tables and Graphs should be in black and white and the line drawing should be in jet-black ink and bold enough to sustain clarity when reduced. Type written or hand written lettering is not acceptable, it should be written professionally.

Unmounted black and white glossy photographs (12 1/2 X 8 1/2 cm) are accepted. Three sets are required. For colour photographs send three sets of at least 5 x 7 inches size, glossy, unmounted colour print. For both, one 35 mm transparency is preferable to print.

On the back of each photograph indicate its number, the corresponding author's name and 'top' with a soft pencil. Legend of the photographs should be on a separate sheet. For photomicrographs, mention the stain and magnification in brackets.

Colour photographs are printed at a charge. In photographs with exceptional academic value this may be waived off if the editorial board decides so. Editorial board has the right to crop-up the illustrations if required.

References :

Reference list should be short. Unnecessary references carry negative impression. References should be numbered in the order, in which they are first mentioned in the text. Use et al only after listing names of the first three authors if there are more than 6 authors. Mention all if they are up to six. Title of the journal is to be mentioned as abbreviated in Index Medicus. IJD accepts references written in Vancouver style : (http://www.library.uq.edu.au/training/citation/vancouv.html)

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Examples :
For articles in journals

1. Selvam A, Sentamilselvi G, Kamalam A, et al. Actinomycotic mycetoma of scalp caused by Actinomadura pelletieri-a report of two cases. Indian J Dermatol 1999; 44(3): 131-4
2. Draelos ZK, Hansen RC. Schamberg's purpura in children: case study and literature review. Clin Pediatr (Phila) 1987;26:659-61.

For book reference
Arndt KA. Manual of dermatologic therapeutics. 5th ed. London: Little, Brown and company, 1995: 72-4.

For chapter in a book
Black MM. Lichen planus and lichenoid disorders. In: Champion RH, Burton JL, Burns DA, et al, eds. Textbook of Dermatology. 6th ed. Oxford, England: Blackwell Science, 1998: 1899-926.

For online references
Morse SS. Factors in the emergence of infectious disease. Emerg Infect Dis [serial online] 1995 Jan-Mar; 1(1): [24 screens]. Available from: URL : http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/eid/index.htm. Accessed December 25, 1999.

Reprints are made available to authors at a cost against advance payment only. Reprints should be requested at the time of submitting the manuscript.

The manuscript should be accompanied by the following declaration in a separate page properly signed by the author/s

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Manuscript title
I/we certify that I/we have participated sufficiently in the intellectual content, conception and design of this work or the analysis and interpretation of the data (when applicable), as well as the writing of the manuscript, to take public responsibility for it and have agreed to have my/our name listed as a contributor. I/We believe the manuscript represents valid work. Neither this manuscript nor one with substantially similar content under my/our authorship has been published or is being considered for publication elsewhere, except as described in the covering letter. I/We certify that all the data collected during the study is presented in this manuscript and no data from the study has been or will be published separately. I/We attest that, if requested by the editors, I/we will provide the data/information or will cooperate fully in obtaining and providing the data/information on which the manuscript is based, for examination by the editors or their assignees. I/we also certify that we have taken all necessary permissions from our institution and/or department for conducting and publishing the present work. I/we have taken patient's consent for participation in the study (if needed) and his/her consent was also taken whenever the patient was recognisable in a clinical photograph.

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Financial interests, direct or indirect, that exist or may be perceived to exist for individual contributors in connection with the content of this paper have been disclosed in the cover letter. Sources of outside support of the project are named in the cover letter.

I/We hereby transfer(s), assign(s), or otherwise convey(s) all copyright ownership, including any and all rights incidental thereto, exclusively to the Journal, in the event that such work is published by the Journal. The Journal shall own the work, including

  1. copyright;
  2. the right to grant permission to republish the article in whole or in part, with or without fee;
  3. the right to produce preprints or reprints and translate into languages other than English for sale or free distribution;
  4. the right to republish the work in a collection of articles in any other mechanical or electronic format.

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We give the rights to the corresponding author to make necessary changes as per the request of the journal, do the rest of the correspondence on our behalf and he/she will act as the guarantor for the manuscript on our behalf.

All persons who have made substantial contributions to the work reported in the manuscript, but who are not contributors, are named in the Acknowledgment and have given us their written permission to be named. If I/we do not include an Acknowledgment that means we have not received substantial contributions from non-contributors and no contributor has been omitted.

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